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Mom Groups, Elevated

Supporting and guiding you through the most challenging (and rewarding!) period of your life - new motherhood.

Moms, it's time to take a MOMent.

Take a MOMent out of your "new normal" to build a community of mom friends, get advice from experts, and learn more about yourself and baby. Be ready to laugh, vent, breathe, and connect with the new you.


Each week we'll check-in, share our wins & struggles, and dive into a topic with a local professional in a small intimate group setting. You will walk away with tactical tools and the confidence needed to help your family thrive.

Topics we cover

Weekly sessions feature local pediatric and postpartum experts highlighting a new motherhood topic, such as:


Will I, or my baby, ever get some?


Fed is best, period.


It takes a village.


Because a shower doesn't count

Play and Development

Am I doing it right?

Work/Life Balance

Does it exist?

Our locations

We are currently running cohorts in two locations, with more coming soon!

All sessions are in-person.



Weekly sessions meet in uptown Hoboken, and often feature tasty treats from your favorite local shops!

Open to moms in all of Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond!

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Jersey City

Coming soon!


Central Jersey Suburbs

We hold weekly sessions in the NJ suburbs. Cohorts rotate between Chatham, New Providence, Madison & more!

Groups are open to moms from all surrounding towns. 

Hear from our Moms

IMG_5606 2.HEIC
Take a MOMent is not just an investment in yourself, but an investment in community which all us mamas need! It’s an intimate group of women going through it together to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood in a safe space.
My favorite part of the week are these hangouts. We get to swap stories but also but learn from experts in the space whether it’s for mama, baby or both. I’m so happy I joined - it has made a huge impact on me especially as a first time mama! 

January Mom

About Us

Aly Shampain: Founder & Hudson County Facilitator

Meet Aly Shampain, the mom of a 2 year old and the founder of Take a MOMent, a new mom support group that has quickly become an invaluable resource for moms across New Jersey.


Driven by her own journey into motherhood, Aly recognized a pressing need within her community: the desire for a comprehensive and nurturing space where moms could come together, share their experiences, and access essential local resources. Fueled by her passion for creating meaningful connections, Aly established Take a MOMent as a space for moms to gather, learn, and grow.

Aly's background is in childhood education, teacher training, and event planning. She has lived in Hoboken for over 3 years and loves connecting with local families.


Melissa Kersner: NJ Suburb Facilitator

Meet Melissa, a mom with a 2 year old and a 4 year old. Melissa spent 12+ years in Human Resources and Group Facilitation. Melissa enjoys connecting with people and helping them acclimate to new roles and challenges. Her biggest passion to date is helping women grow in their most important new job title: mom. She wants new moms to feel cared for, confident, and connected.


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